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Go Coconuts and Boost your body's metabolic rate and promote weight loss! 

Coconut oil is an amazing fat!  It is a fat that actually helps you burn fat.  Nice bonus!

Some fat is full of calories so many people decide to cut the fat when trying to lose weight and burn fat.  When fats are gone from our food intake we also lose essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins which can cause brain fog, dry irritated skin, alter mood, hormonal challenges, just to mention a few of the multitude of other unsavory conditions. 

Coconut oil is also one of the most stable oils you can buy. It does not turn rancid easily and has a high smoke point making it great for cooking!

Incorporate organic cold pressed coconut oil into your food program, burn fat and you won’t have any coconut oil cholesterol worries.

Try it this holiday weekend!

Don’t hesitate contacting us if you desire more info & recipes!


Boost Your Mood & Shine!

The change of the seasons brings with it a new energy and excitement, as well as abundance and growth. Sunshine is a real pick me up for sure, but when you're feeling challenged give these pointers a try:

1.  Avoid Bad Mood Foods:  Worst offenders are sugar, too much cafienne throughout the whole day, refined carbs, grains containging gluten, processed fats and GMO foods,

2.  Increase your fatty fish intake (salmon, herring, sardines).  If you are vegitarian think about supplementation and organic healthy oils and nuts (flaxseed, hulled hemp, rapesees and walnuts for example).  Fish oils are rich in long chain omega 3 fats EPA & DHA.  EPA is key for fat health and DHA is key for brain health!

3. Be consistent and persistent with exercise.  Shake it up a bit.  Rotate endurance with burst training. 

4.  Give yourself 30 minutes a day!  A really great way to improve your mood is to calm your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS known as flight or fight).  Lay on your back with your feet up on a chair or the couch.  This position stimulates your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS known as rest and repair!).

5.  Think positive thoughts, especially when upset!  It calms your SNS and calms your stress hormonesfrom spiking.Every 1 negative thought you have cancels out 5 positive ones

"Make yourself so happy that when others look at you they become happy too!"


Boost YOUR Brain Power!

Easy ways to improve memory and cognition:

1.  Change the sid e of your mouse pad.  Using the non dominant hand will stimulate neural connections between the right and left hemishpheres of your brain.

2. Play games like Soduku, puzzles or crosswords.  Such games will have a great impact on your brain performance.  Regularity is important here and should be engaged in this activity for at least 15 minutes.

3.  Exercise remembering things.  Reconnect to past memories.  This effort strengthens your memory performance.

4. Eat memory boosting foods:  broccoli, spinach, cabbage, black beans, nuts, apricots and berries are a few.  Green tea is know to improve brain function.  Switch it up from that cup o joe for a glass of green tea.

5. Get plenty of OXYGEN to the brain! Breathing may seem obvious but most people are very shallow breathers, especially when mentally occupied. Breathing in through your nose, deeply into your low abdomen and out through your mouth for three minutes every few hours will make a world of difference in your performance, mood and helps to avoid late afternoon crashing.